Boston Shaker

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Picture of the item Boston Shaker

Boston Shaker

Capacity: 800 ml
Height: 28 cm closed
Diameter: 6.5 cm bottom / top 9.5 cm

Boston Shaker set composed of 2 elements:
• 1 stainless steel cup
• 1 mixing glass.

This shaker is often used by professionals because it is more hermetic and faster to handle and wash. A cocktail strainer is required to pass certain mixtures in the glass.

x 15 €


  - 23rd Nov 2011, 05:21pm -

super shaker
  - 23rd Nov 2011, 05:22pm -

genial !
  - 12th Oct 2013, 02:26pm / 22nd Dec 2014, 11:11pm -

Très bien. conforme à la descritpion.

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