Apple Jack

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  • 4 cl of Whisky Tennessee
  • 8 cl of apple juice
  • apple

How to...

1. Fill half of the glass with ice.
2. Pour 4 cl of Tennessee Whisky, Jack Daniel's for example.
3. Top up with 8 cl of apple juice.
4. Garnish with slices of green apple.

Tips & tricks...

To decorate with the green apple:
- Cut a slice of green apple and cut perpendicularly into four equal parts.
- Stack the four quarter slices in a fan shape and make an incision of two centimeters with a knife on the middle of one side.
  The incision should be made on the four units simultaneously.
- Insert through the incision the 4 quarters of the slice on the edge of the glass.

Glass Highball glass
Shaker You don't need a shaker to make this cocktail.


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