picture of the cocktail B-53


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  • 3 cl of Liquor coffee
  • 3 cl of Bailey's Irish Cream 
  • 3 cl of Vodka

How to...

When well realised, each ingredient is distinct in the glass, so we can see three layers : coffee liquor at the bottom, Bailey's, and then Vodka.

Add carefully all ingredients in the order.

Tips & tricks...

Ignite the Vodka and drink with a straw starting from the bottom. So you should end with the vodka vapors.

Glass Shooter glass
Shaker You don't need a shaker to make this cocktail.


  - 2nd Feb 2013, 04:04am -

Top! Top! difficile à faire mais ça vaut le coup! les premières couches d alcool etaient assez homogene :). remarque : verser tres tres tres doucement :D