How to decorate a cocktail

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To make a pleasant drink to the palate as well as to the eye, it's easy. The more a long drink is fruity and refreshing, the more we can use your imagination to decorate the glass.

Riming a cocktail glass

Riming a cocktail glass is decorative and very simple to prepare.
After moistening the rim of the glass by rubbing a lemon or immersing directly in the lemon juice, dip it in sugar.
The riming lasts longer if the glass is placed in the refrigerator for a few minutes before filling.

You can also replace the lemon juice with egg white or any other juice or syrup. Use grenadine if the red color is consistent with the contents of the glass.

You can still immerse the moistened rim of the glass in crushed or grated hazelnuts or almonds.

The rim of coconut is an interesting variation: immerse the rim of the glass in syrup or coconut liqueur and then in coconut powder.

Decorate coffee and chocolate drinks by dipping the moistened edge of the glass in brown sugar, coffee or cocoa powder, or even in colored chocolate sprinkles that you put on cakes and ice cream.

Riming a glass with salt is as easy to prepare as with sugar.
First moisten the rim of the glass with lemon juice then plunge it into salt or celery salt.

To learn more on riming a glass please read our article : how to prepare a cocktail.


Orange peel
Citrus fruits are perfect for decorating cocktails and long drinks. For this purpose, only use untreated fruits: lemon, orange, grapefruit and lime. Brush them well under running water and dry them.

To get a spiral of citrus zest, peel regularly, omitting the white membrane, using a zester or vegetable peeler. You can make a knot with very thin strips.

The citrus slices are also very decorative. They can be dipped directly into the cocktail or hung on the rim of the glass.
Draw paths on the fruit with a peeler then cut into slices.

Finally, we can alternate citrus slices and cherries on a wooden pick that is placed across the glass.

Exotic fruits


Exotic fruits such as carambola, star-shaped, kumquat (a dwarf orange that is consumed with its bark), physalis (or lantern), papaya, pineapple, kiwi, melon and banana, threaded on a pic or hanging over the edge of the glass are sumptuous decor. Not to mention the bittersweet lychee, native to China.

Strawberry, cherry, peach, apple and grapes also make beautiful decorations. Immediately sprinkle with lemon juice bananas and peeled apples so they do not darken.

All fruits should be fresh, ripe and undamaged.
To find out if a melon is ripe, as its color has nothing to do with its maturity, do the following test: press lightly on the opposite end of the tail end, if it is soft the fruit is ripe.

A fresh pineapple is recognizable to the intense perfume that emerges from its base. The pineapple leaves are also very decorative.

You should never mix pineapple with dairy products: the drink takes a bitter taste.

The cocktail picks, immersed in the glass or placed across, allow a wide variety of combinations:
• Chunks or balls of melon
• Cherries and strawberries
• Orange or lemon slices, cherries and pineapple chunks
• Pieces of grapefruit and banana and lemon slices
• Kiwi slices and chunks of pineapple and papaya
• Cherries, papaya chunks and slices of starfruit
• Cherries, peach pieces and slices of kiwi
• And any combination outcoming of your imagination.

But you can also fill the cocktail picks with a single fruit like sliced melon or an alternation, for example, white and black grapes.
If you do not have cocktail picks at hand, replace them with toothpicks.


Mint leavesMelissa is decorative and adds to the drink a fresh aroma. If you have no garden or balcony, you can grow it in pots on the windowsill. If you buy it in bouquet, dip it in water immediately.
Melissa freezes well, once washed and wiped, put it in a freezer bag and store in the freezer.

Mint is also popular for its intense perfume and decorative appearance. It is easy to grow in the garden or on a balcony and with a bit of luck, potted on the edge of a window. Its aroma is more intense before flowering in July / August.

Ice cubes

Ice cubes make a colorful decoration when they contain fruit juice or syrup, pure or mixed with mineral water. To change from cubic ice cubes, place small molds in the cells of the ice tray (hearts, stars, etc..). Shortly before serving, place the tray under running water. You can also use ice packs.
Amaze your guests fashioning fancy ice cubes. It only takes a few perfectly healthy fruits (strawberries, cherries, raspberries, currants, grapes or small pieces of citrus) that you place in the cells of the ice tray and cover with mineral water. You can operate the same way with lemon balm, mint and olives. Ice cubes with fruits will be ready in a few hours.

If you want to serve frozen fruit, but without the ice that envelops, rinse them under running water until the ice has melted. Dip them in the glass.
For fancy ice cubes, even more colorful and tasty, mix with grenadine syrup sweet woodruff and passion fruit. Pour the mixture into an ice tray then put a cherry with its tail in each cell, small sprigs of lemon balm and lemon wedges then cover with mineral water.


Straws exist in a variety of colors and shapes. Signs of recognition, they have the advantage of preventing the guests from taking the wrong glass. You can also decorate the glass with fancy mixing sticks and original decorations that are placed on the edge of the glass. These various accessories appeal to young and old alike and make unforgettable memories.