How to layer a cocktail

a layered cocktail: the B-52 Here is a table of the specific gravities of most common alcohols.

This table will be useful to make perfect layered cocktails!

You should know that the secret of a well layered cocktail is the judicious superposition of liquids, based on their respective densities.
And of course your delicacy!

Pour ingredients in descending order of weight, which means the denser (and therefore heavier) first, and so on.

Alcohols are mostly lighter than water, they tend to remain on the surface.

Most layered cocktail recipes are written in the order of densities from heaviest to lightest, so you can follow a priori the order!

In general, in a well layered cocktail the more ingredients have different densities the easier it will be stacked to give very distinct layers.

So if you want to overlay ingredients with relatively similar densities, you can cheat by premixing them with other ingredients of different densities.
For example, you can premix your syrup with alcohol to increase its density!
In making such mixtures pay attention to not alter the desired taste and color!

Think that the difference of temperature can also help you keep two separate layers.

Finally, to achieve a beautiful layered cocktail be patient when layering, pour the liquid gently helping yourself with a knife on which you will pour the liquid along the blade (you can also use a spoon).

The tip of the knife blade should touch the glass and be:
- At the surface if your cocktail ingredient is lighter, and therefore less dense,
- Below the surface of the innermost layer when the ingredient is denser than the glass contents.

Once the cocktail is layered and done, move it gently and do not touch its contents for it may disturb the separation between layers.

layered cocktails: B-52 & KGB
liquid namedensity
Southern Comfort0.97
Green Chartreuse1.01
Cherry liquor1.04
Peach liquor1.04
Peppermint schnapps1.04
Sloe gin1.04
Rock and Rye1.05
Midori Melon liquor1.05
Yellow Chartreuse1.06
Peach brandy1.06
Cherry brandy1.06
Blackberry brandy1.06
Apricot brandy1.06
Orange Curacao1.08
Triple sec1.09
Tia Maria1.09
Apricot liquor1.09
Blackberry liquor1.1
Blue Curaçao liquor1.11
Green crème de menthe1.12
Strawberry liquor1.12
White crème de menthe1.12
Parfait Amour1.13
coffee liquor1.13
White Crème de Cacao1.14
Crème de Cacao1.14
Crème de Banane1.14
Crème de Almond1.16
Crème de Noyaux1.165
Crème de Cassis1.18