Jäger Bomb

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  • 4 cl of Jägermeister
  • 9 cl of energy drink

How to...

You need 2 glasses: a highball glass and a shot glass.
Pour the energy drink into the highball glass.
Pour the Jägermeister into the shoot glass.

Drop the whole shoot glass into the highball glass and drink bottom up!

Tips & tricks...

A cold energy drink is much better.

Cocktail history...

Famous in Mexico, it is known as "Perlas Negras".

Glass Highball glass
Shaker You don't need a shaker to make this cocktail.


  - 8th Dec 2012, 01:28am -

Super cocktail!
  - 30th Dec 2012, 03:00am -

Oh d'la balle ce cocktail !
  - 17th Dec 2013, 10:40pm -

Parfait pour commencer une bonne soirée.
Parfait pour tenir toute la nuit !