West indies toffee

picture of the cocktail West indies toffee


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  • 2 cl of Rum dark
  • 2 cl of Rum white
  • 1 dash of caramel syrup
  • apple juice

How to...

Prepare directly in the glass:
first fill the glass with 3 or 4 ice cubes, pour the rum, top up with apple juice and then add the syrup to make a gradient.

Serve with ice and straw.

Tips & tricks...

50% white rum / 50% dark rum is a good compromise for the drink to taste neither too alcoholic nor too flavored.
If you don't have both, then put 3 cl of one.
If you have old rum it is perfect but but more expensive, put 3 cl.

The taste of the cocktail will strongly depend on the rum you use. It's your turn to choose your favorite.

Also you can adjust the amount of syrup up to your taste.

Glass Highball glass
Shaker You don't need a shaker to make this cocktail.


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