quiz- the bartender

Your turn now!

  • 1.How many pieces does the Boston Shaker have?

  • 2.How do we call a cocktail mostly made with lemon juice?

  • 3.How do we call the minimum quantity that we can add in a cocktail?

  • 4.Se servir d'une passoire c'est...

  • 5.What do we often serve in an Old-fashioned?

  • 6.If "on the rocks" means with ice, what is its opposite?

  • 7.What is the symbol of the famous rum brand Bacardi?

  • 8.Which amount of 40° alcohol do we put in a cocktail made of no other alcohol?

  • 9.Pick bellow the ingredients you need to make the Sour Mix (also called Bar Mix) :

  • 10.which are the possible factors helping the realisation of a layered cocktail?

  • 11.In which order do we add ingredients in a blender?

  • 12.What is Angostura Bitters?