quiz- the cocktails

Your turn now!

  • 1.Which of the following cocktails is typically brasilian?

  • 2.To make a Piña Colada you need rum, pineapple juice and...

  • 3.How do we call the cocktail made of rum and coke?

  • 4.Which famous cocktail is made of rum, lime chunks, sugar, and no more?

  • 5.What is the color of the Cosmopolitan?

  • 6.What is the particularity of the "4th of July" cocktail?

  • 7.A virgin Colada is a Cocktail with...

  • 8.What is the order of the B-52 cocktail layers?

  • 9.A Royal Mojito is a Mojito with...

  • 10.What is a 'sunrise' cocktail?

  • 11.Which is the difference between the cocktails "Kamikaze" and "Cosmopolitan"?